Tuesday 18 April 2017


All these years, David & I have been performing in numerous weddings over the past decade, providing wedding live music & entertainment to many couples. Thanks to all your love and support, we've evolved from our humble little business from delivering top quality wedding live music performances and entertainment to now a one-stop wedding atelier, providing planning services, offering premium quality products and services to give couples their perfect wedding. Now it's our turn to sit back and enjoy our own wedding. We had our team from Glittering Carousel to plan and conceptualise our wedding. 

After being in so many weddings, we realised that all the weddings held with at least 20 banquet tables especially with guests that you might not even know, are not what we wanted. For our own wedding, we decided to keep it small with just direct families and close friends. 

We wanted a nice classy, romantic ambience and setting but serving Chinese Cuisine. That's how we got to know EMPRESS after searching online. When we visited the restaurant for the first time and met up with the manager Jack Sim to find out more, we knew that was the venue was for us. It was love at first sight and we could picture ourselves getting married there. We wanted an intimate and cosy wedding where food is the main priority. We read a lot of wonderful reviews on EMPRESS and during the food tasting both our parents and us were very impressed. Tip top food and service, EMPRESS did an excellent job in keeping up with the food quality, taste and their service on our wedding day. The EMPRESS team treated all the guests like friends, always with big smiles and were very efficient. All our guests only have compliments on the food and really love the ambience. 

Keeping a wedding intimate also means putting in more effort on handmade wedding favours. With the help from Arterspace Art Studio and some of our talented friends, we hand painted 140 mini canvas installed with a magnet, each written with our tagline "Love bears all things". 

We wanted to keep the wedding simple yet fun with great food and ambience as the main priority. In the past, wedding is a family affair when everyone in the family offer their help to put up everything. We wanted to keep that culture in our wedding, get all our family members involved! As David came from a Peranakan family, the planning team suggested that we should relive the culture and have the wedding planned along that theme. Not only we've got our family members to be part of the programme we also got everyone to dress in Kebaya and Batik. 

Our exclusive wedding stylist Pei Li from 8 Dec decorated the reception, guest book & photo album table with Peranakan props like Tingkat, wooden antique ang bao box, bakul Siah (a peranakan "kueh"/cake basket that was used to deliver cakes to family), blue & white porcelain vase, etc and Shu min our exclusive florist from Meadows & Clouds complemented the decors with unique flowers in line with the theme. They also did one of the largest cutout wordings they've created so far measuring a whopping 1.2m x 1.6m with the tagline "Love Bears All Things" hanging from the shelf behind the bar counter as our backdrop. They did a wonderful job and everyone love the whole look and feel even the wedding copper frame arch for our Solemnisation.

Shu Min also did the decorations for our vintage wedding car rented from Perfect Wedding Car SG. We absolutely love this little vintage Beetle that matches our outfit! We had a wonderful ride with Rizal, the owner of this beauty and our driver for the day! He's such a nice person and is so accomodating to the requests by the camera crew, he knows exactly when to drive slow for the camera and send us from point to point safely!

Not forgetting the music! We had Kevin & Sharon from GC Live Music to play for our Solemnisation March-in song "Love" by John Lennon as David is a huge fan!

With years of experience and being in so many weddings, the vital element to make a wedding fun is to get the right emcee. We are blessed to have Mr Alec Yap from Event Link Pte Ltd, a long time friend of ours to be our emcee alongside with his assistance DJ Sham. A lot of our guests commented after the wedding that your emcee is really power! He kept the whole night exciting and got everyone laughing.

We kick start the dinner with David's younger siblings, Rebecca Tan & Joshua Tan performing our Banquet March-in song "The Hawaiian Wedding Song" for our March in.

Rebecca, who is also a home baker at Beckie's Bakery, made our wedding cake! So much love from the family!

As the dinner is served, we had Kevin & Sharon again from GC Live Music to perform some instrumental live music with Guitar and Melodica to keep our guests entertained for the first half of the dinner. 

Half way through, we invited people dear to us to give us their blessings through speech and song performances. The team had planned 3 speakers for our programme. First person to perform is Shuk Fong accompanied by Erick Tan, GC Live music singers and close friends of mine, performed the all time favourite Mandarin Classic "月亮代表我的心" by Theresa Teng and a Cantonese song for the folks. She gave her blessing and speech in Cantonese.

Our 2nd speaker, Mr Jim Lim, David's buddy, they knew each other for almost 20 years through music. He performed the all time favourite wedding song "Till the End", an OST of Taiwanese drama (The Outsiders), originally composed and sang by David. After which, he called up the rest of his bandmates, the local famous group "" to give their well wishes too. 

Our 3rd speaker Mr Perry Koh, David's mentor and Sunday school teacher since young, even prepared his script!

So much love from our family and friends! We felt truly blessed!

When we thought it was the most remarkable event of our lifetime, Stefanie Sun topped the wedding with her spontaneous performance with the Tan brothers, David Tan & Joshua Tan. David has been touring with Stefanie Sun as a backing vocalist for most of her concert tours, we are truly honoured to have her and her parents at our wedding.

Apart from all the entertainment acts, David and I both agree that we need a photographer who can capture moments from our wedding and not group photos where everyone gather and smile at the camera. With such a fun and spontaneous wedding, we are glad that we made the right decision in engaging Kelly from The Studiokel Collection, to capture all these precious moments on our big day. Kelly is every where! She literally captured everyone who attended the wedding. It's been said that a picture paints a thousand words and Kelly's pictures tell a whole lot of wonderful stories! You'll know that the pictures are great when your guests share/post them before we did! We can never thank Kelly enough for the extra effort and time she and her team put in to deliver our wedding collection! 

The most memorable incident that I had with Kelly was just right before the wedding solemnisation Walk-in while my dad was about to walk me down the aisle. Kelly said to us 'give me a sweet pose!' Initially we didn't know how to pose as my dad is a very conventional guy and doesn't really show us affection since young. So Kelly said to him 'Uncle, give your daughter a hug like when you first hug her when she was born', both our hearts melted and tears were flowing as we just naturally hugged each other for longest time. And I'm grateful that Kelly captured a beautiful picture of me and my dad which I absolutely love!

After our wedding, we saw a post by one of our relatives which touched our hearts, as that was all we intended; a simple and heartfelt celebration of our love. 

"Like to share the most beautiful wedding dinner everyone enjoyed last evening at Empress (Asian Civilisations Museum) facing the Singapore River. The Chinese food and service were super..the best so far.

A simple wedding function with no glamorous stage and videos displayed of the couple childhood days. Lovely wedding cake specially home baked by the groom's sister.

An inspiration quotes printed and pasted on the back. "Life is like a canvas, hand painted with the colours of love and happiness. Thank you for being a part of our lives. With love David and SiLing."

It was a significant gift to remind me that Love Bears All Things and also help me to remember to keep the new couple in prayer as they step into new beginning of their marriage relationship together." ~ Alice Yeo

Big thank you to everyone who made our wedding so fun and memorable!



8dec - Wedding Stylist
Meadows & Clouds - Florist

Event Link Pte Ltd (Mr Alec Yap)

Studiokel Photography by Kelly Fan

Autelier Make Up (Jenny Goh) - Morning Session
Linda Lee (Lindalino Make Up) - Evening/Night Session



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