Thursday 22 October 2015


If you are cracking your brain on what songs to choose for your wedding, here's a couple that we've performed for recently and I really think this is the right way of choosing and planning your song list.


Music has always been part of everyone's life. Here's a short story of Dr Hwee Yong & Dr Zhi Yan. Different couples have different activities they do together. For this couple, they love going to concerts during their courtship days, doesn't matter if it's Bruno Mars, Jason Mraz or One direction, they love spending time doing anything together like many couples do.

There is this quote "Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life" by Berthold Auerbach. Being life savers, they often have to go on business trip. Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent, so they starting singing and exchanging songs when they miss each other. And the little things in their lives, like their 6mths aniversary, Hwee Yong sang a song for Zhi Yan. 

All the experiences they share during their everyday lives and times together, during the wedding preparations are beautiful and wonderful memories they will keep in their hearts forever. They translated all these into songs and share it with their guests on their big day! 

I'm sure they had no difficulty choosing the first 10 songs as it comes straight from the heart and that basically covers the first set of live music. As for the 2nd set, it's open to the floor for dedications and requests. In such a way, both the couple and the guests will definitely be entertained. 

However, we do realize that couples might not have the luxury to sit throughout the celebration and enjoy the live band on the day of their wedding. GC Live Music has taken this into consideration and will be launching this value added service of live recording of the live band's performances in MP3 format where the couple can play back the recorded performances and reminisce their big day!

Here's our little gift for this lovely couple! Thank you so much for having us and all the compliments. We are truly glad and honoured to be part of this very special day in your lives.