Monday 9 November 2015


It's been a terrific year for Ted Baker with 2 official store openings, 1 reopening, 3 launches of AW15 Collection in various outlets! Now that it's towards to end of Year 2015, we celebrate the success and look forward for a better year! 

GC Live Music would like to give special thanks to Fiona & Omar for entrusting us to provide live music entertainment for all the events. Big thank you to all the friendly retail staff at the various outlets! You guys are really helpful and patient with the fitting of our musicians. And Yes, our musicians are dressed in Ted Baker's outfit every time they perform and they definitely look good in them!

Do check out their AW15 Collection at the various outlets including VivoCity, ION Orchard, Takashimaya, MBS and now Paragon!

Re-Opening of Ted Baker's VivoCity outlet on 25 April 2015 with String Trio bring upbeat Top40s.

On 29 August 2015, Ted Baker launch it's AW15 Collection in various outlets including VivoCity, ION Orchard & Takashimaya.

Here's the String Duo performance for Taka Card Day!


This is the performance video from ION Orchard.


And 2 months later, it's the Official Opening of Ted Baker's MBS outlet.

In less than a month, another new store in Paragon! However, we had something different for the last event of the year.

 Instead of Strings, we had a live band interacting with the crowd and it drawed many customers to the store.


We sincerely hope everyone who happen to pass by one of the events, enjoyed the performances and shopping experience!

Thursday 22 October 2015


If you are cracking your brain on what songs to choose for your wedding, here's a couple that we've performed for recently and I really think this is the right way of choosing and planning your song list.


Music has always been part of everyone's life. Here's a short story of Dr Hwee Yong & Dr Zhi Yan. Different couples have different activities they do together. For this couple, they love going to concerts during their courtship days, doesn't matter if it's Bruno Mars, Jason Mraz or One direction, they love spending time doing anything together like many couples do.

There is this quote "Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life" by Berthold Auerbach. Being life savers, they often have to go on business trip. Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent, so they starting singing and exchanging songs when they miss each other. And the little things in their lives, like their 6mths aniversary, Hwee Yong sang a song for Zhi Yan. 

All the experiences they share during their everyday lives and times together, during the wedding preparations are beautiful and wonderful memories they will keep in their hearts forever. They translated all these into songs and share it with their guests on their big day! 

I'm sure they had no difficulty choosing the first 10 songs as it comes straight from the heart and that basically covers the first set of live music. As for the 2nd set, it's open to the floor for dedications and requests. In such a way, both the couple and the guests will definitely be entertained. 

However, we do realize that couples might not have the luxury to sit throughout the celebration and enjoy the live band on the day of their wedding. GC Live Music has taken this into consideration and will be launching this value added service of live recording of the live band's performances in MP3 format where the couple can play back the recorded performances and reminisce their big day!

Here's our little gift for this lovely couple! Thank you so much for having us and all the compliments. We are truly glad and honoured to be part of this very special day in your lives.

Saturday 26 September 2015


As a wedding singer, there are too many weddings that I've seen and attended. They are either very simple or extravagant ... It's been a while since I've attended one that is casual, simple, free & easy yet well-planned ...
Special thanks to Tandy for having me at your daughter's wedding & of course Melvinn from ETC Music ... I got to experience the "Perfect Beach Wedding" ...

Thank god for the perfect weather, the skies are clearer as compared to previous days, passing rain took only a minute and everything just flows ... I can feel the love, not just from the couple but everyone who attended the wedding, everyone who are part of it, the bridesmaid and bridesgroom, the musicians, the photographers, the dance instructor ... 

No formal attire, everyone is in beach wear or shorts or slippers ... The best is to be barefooted and feel your toes digging into the sand ...

Even their doggie Milky is dressed up for the occasion :)

Forget about formalities, Tandy mommy hosted the traditional Yum Seng and said "祝你们白头偕老,不要那么早生贵子,两年后才生" lol~ and of coz the songbird performed a song for her precious daughter ❤️

The couple also prepared a dance which they had practice for months ... A dance to their happiness, a dance to celebrate their union ;) Perfect setting with some fireworks behind.

No need huge number of tables ... A small group of 10-15 tables with relatives and close friends is enough to make this a perfect wedding, a day to remember for life :)

 ~ Si Ling

Sunday 20 September 2015


Wedding is about you and me.

Weddings should be about celebrating your love and doing things that you might never do, all in a day!

One of our couples Tai Ching & Qi Jun fulfilled their dreams of being a superstar on their big day. Their programme for their wedding dinner is packed with dance performances, Music Videos and Singing Performances. It was a night filled with entertainment, joy and laughter! A day that both of them as well as their guests will always remember.

It was months of preparations from taking vocal classes to perfect their songs, studio recording, MV filming and dance practices. But they did it!


If you are thinking about doing something meaningful together as a couple for your wedding, GC Live Music is offering SING-YOUR-WAY-HOME Progamme where you and your pertner can enroll in a vocal class to perfect a duet song and go into a professional recording studio to record both of your singing professionally. The final product can be used as you wish on your photo or video montage to be played during your wedding.

Thursday 17 September 2015


This is a question many couples have been asking. Why should I hire a wedding live band for my wedding? 

My answer is, "You Shouldn't, if you are not looking for a perfect wedding to remember!"

Music has always been a part of everyone's life.

Firstly, there truly is nothing like live music, you and your guests will experience the pleasure of the performances of vibrant human spirits in harmony right there and then. Your guests will be kept entertained through the night with music and interaction with the perfomers.The energy level of the room would then defintely be much higher. This in turn will make the event far more enjoyable.

The advantages of having a live band as opposed to just playing music from a CD is that live bands can be much more flexible in fulfilling song requests by your guests, be it reading messages or song dedications from the guests to the couple, thus making it a more interactive event.

Live band can accommodate special wedding themes that you have planned for, including dressing up to suit one! We have couples who have requested for a Shanghai Night  theme, where all the musicians are dressed in CheongSam and Shang Hai Tan hats for guys! Or even a Masquerade or The Great Gatsby.

Couples have the flexibility of planning a surprise for their partners. The most common one would be the groom surpising the bride by performing a song, a song of their own, accompanied by the band.


Isn't hiring a wedding live band expensive?

Some couples may find the rates of hiring a live band too overwhelming as it is almost equivalent to cost of 1-2 banquet table(s). However, different couples have different priorities. For example, a couple who takes priority in their gowns and suits,  will probably spend the same amount customizing just 1 gown. Those who care more about how their photos will turn out, could probably spend the same amount or more in engaging a well known photographer and spend even more later in printing the pictures out.

      It has been said that nothing hits the hearts and soul as deep as a single musical note or chord coming from or a voice or a few voices. A song to remember in time through the ages delivered live on your special day. It is almost priceless!

     However, a lot of people feel that a live band is a costly bit to shelve out for an event. To be honest,  it is justifiable firstly, considering the time these musicians have to spend for the event. Secondly, these talented performers have spent many years of hard work honing their skills and craft to be who they are today. 

     The more experienced musicians definitely have more credits and will usually charge a higher rate. Therefore, if you want quality music and a band who can handle any situations, go for the experienced pros! They might cost more but they are definitely worth every penny!
     Some couples are afraid that the live band will be "noisier" as compared to just playing background music from a CD. These are just some common worries. Live bands usually comes with rental of sound system and a dedicated sound man constantly monitoring the music level of the house. You can always just have the soundman tweak them down just a notch. Alternatively, the couple can always choose an acoustic band with customization of song list with more easy listening songs. Check out some of the acoustic 2-3pcs live band from GC Live Music

Wednesday 16 September 2015


Ted Baker celebrates the launch of the new AW15 collection in Singapore on Saturday 29th August at Ted Baker Vivo City & 05 September at Ted Baker ION Orchard. 

To start the season in serious style, Ted’s giving you 15% off his new season ensembles!

Stay tune and look out for more activities happening in the different Ted Baker's outlets and stand chance to win a $200 shopping spree. 

To enter, simply take a photo of Ted’s curious performers in the window and share on Instagram with @Ted_Baker and ‪#‎TedBakerSG‬.

Thank you for having us! And we'll see you soon!



Heartfelt congratulations to the both of you! Wishing you many more days as happy as this one, many more occasions for celebration, and a lifetime of love and laughter ♥♥♥

Thank you once again for having us on this very special day! 祝你们早生贵子!

David Tan (Singer/Keyboardist/Guitarist)
Si Ling (Singer)



Well, it's the 09 August! Welcome to the NDP "Nycky & Diane's Party"!!

This is the most extravagant & amazing wedding that I've been to! Credits to the incredible Heaven's Gift Team!

We love the fabrications, " Around the World" theme with the Genghis Khan on the horse and of coz the most romantic place on earth Santorini! Every detail is perfect! I'm sure this is what we call a dream wedding! But it came true for Nycky & Diane!

Wishing both of you love… love in the joys of your wedding today, love in your marriage, each step of the way… love in the big things and love in the small, love in all life brings & love above all. Congratulations!

Thank you so much for sharing this joy with us!

Jana Ang Fries (Harpist)
Rachel Chua (Singer)
Eric Du (Singer/Keyboardist)
Sebastian Ho (Guitarist)
Jana Loh (Violinist)



To all the brides to be, check out Shopper's Guide Season 3 brought to you by Bioskin on useful tips and information on anti-ageing and slimming, to prepare you for your big day. There will be 3 episodes starting 08 September 2015, Tuesdays on Channel 8.

I'm very honoured to be part of this programme. You can catch the episodes @ Toggle if you miss them. 

Check out our website for more information.

~Si Ling


OC Weddings' iconic event, Grand Food Tasting is returning for the third instalment this 18 October. Known for its good food and picturesque venue, Grand Food Tasting III cannot be missed, especially for couples who have a penchant for a touch of greenery, sea view, sunset and fireworks… Wait, who doesn't?

Come discuss your big day with our friendly wedding specialists at the latest rooftop venue, Sky Garden. From catering to events management, simply tell us your requirements and we will help turn your dream to reality.

GC Live Music will be performing from 8.30 onwards for their first-ever “SPARKS” after-party accompanied by Fireworks!

So Register Now!

18 Oct 2015, Sunday

11-1pm / 1.30-3.30pm
4-6pm / 6.30-8.30pm

Sky Garden, 43 Siloso Beach Walk,
#05-01 iFly Singapore, (S) 099010
By Sentosa Express: Alight at Beach Station
By car: Flash confirmation e-mail to enjoy FREE entry!