Tuesday 3 July 2018

A Luxury Romantic Wedding

It's been a peak season for weddings in June and we finally had time to sit down and reminisce the luxury romantic wedding we had two weeks ago at the EMPRESS. One of our favourite wedding venue.

Melvin & Lynn came to us exactly a year ago to help plan their wedding from scratch. They had no idea where they should hold their banquet but their only concern is to have good food and entertainment. We short listed a few venues and the couple decided on EMPRESS. With lots of superb reviews on their food and services, EMPRESS quickly became a popular wedding venue in 2017/2018.

Conceptualised and styled by our exclusive styling partner 8Dec, the couple went for a luxury, & romantic theme in colours of Navy Blue, Gold and Teal. 

 Photo Album & Ang bao box

The couple wanted their guests to bring home a little something that could blossom with happiness just like their love for each other. These succulents by Meadows & Clouds were loved by the guests and some even asked for more

As some of their family members are from overseas, the couple wanted to show them their childhood pictures not as the usual childhood montage, but as a table number display that runs according to their age. They encourage their guests to go around the tables mingling with each other while checking out their pictures at different ages. How nice is that.

The evening kick start with the Matrimony Ceremony with Dr Phua as their Justice of Peace. Just like all the reviews, Dr Phua was friendly, jovial and funny. 

Surrounded by the landscape and overlooking one of our Singapore's famous tourist spot. Their guests from overseas had a wonderful time. After the Solemnisation, the guests proceed indoors for their wedding reception.

An intimate wedding means no elevated stage, so everyone can be close to each other and mingle at ease. The main stage area is right in front of the bar counter where we hung a huge signage suspended from the bar shelvings. "Perfect Imperfection", it's the imperfection that makes them perfect for each other. What a beautiful quote.

In line with their theme and colour, Creme Maison baked this tiffany blue contemporary looking fondant cake but keeping its tastiness with 3 different flavours made up of Caffe Kaya Toast, Nutella Brownies and our all time favourite, Earl Grey Lavender.

Entertainment is a huge part of most weddings. The couple wanted their guests to have lots of fun and excitement, so got our host for the evening TGW (Twins Gone Wrong) to get everyone moving and laughing as they played floor games revolving around their hashtag #mnlhappymoments.

Following the games, we had everyone mass singing along to some of the classic tunes performed by our live band by GC Live Music. It's good to see that everyone is enjoying the night!

Finally, it's time to bid farewell and slowly everyone stroll their way out with the succulents and the tailored hand drawn Thank you cards in their hands, giving their blessings to the couple as they say goodnight.

We can't wait to see the official pictures by Joy De Vi.

Congratulations to Melvin & Lynn for finally tying the knot. It's been such a great pleasure and honour bring your wedding planner. We had lots of wonderful laughing and sharing sessions that make this journey a memorable one. Wishing you both eternal bliss & happiness. Cheers to Love, Peace and Happily Ever After!