Tuesday 14 November 2017

Glamping Wedding Proposal

Thank god for the fine weather today after the weekend downpours!

About two months ago, we got an email from Nimalan, a Soith African living in Australia asking us to plan his proposal. As an expat, he often travel between Singapore and Australia for work. He wanted to bring his girl, Kynatt to visit Singapore for the first time and propose in this green city!
After the browsing of the photo album, we had them appear with a paper flower bouquet (as Nimalan is allergy to pollen) and a 3D Up house ringbox, all specially hand crafted by Peili from @8_dec !!!

And so we chose the largest beach in Singapore with lots of greens and sea view for this significant event!

And so we told Kynatt that Nimalan’s company is giving complimentary picnic photoshoot for their staff to spend time with their family and love ones.

We rented a tent from glampingcity with outdoor picnic lounge topped with snacks and tea for them to enjoy and spend some romantic time together while the camera is clicking away.

In line with the “UP” movie theme which Nimalan requested for, Peili from @8_dec styled the interior of the tent with vintage furnitures, briefcases, little details and the signature coin savings in a mason jar!

We arranged live music entertainment from GC Live Music featuring David Tan & Khim Ng to serenade songs over picnic.

The acoustic duo performs the song #bookoflove by #petergabriel as they browse through a handmade photo album just like the movie.

The album is full of love containing pictures and little captions and notes.

How can a woman not be touched when she sees that!!!

Her eyes were tearful as she read the little messages and notes in the album

The surprise was elevated by the appearance of nimalan’s mother and sister who flew from South Africa just to withness this special moment!

And finally the man is down on one knee to sincerely ask for her to marry him 😍😍😍

Of coz she said YES and everyone is celebrating with a sparkling wine! 🍾

Despite the sunburn, thank god for giving us sunshine this morning for a successful wedding proposal! Congratulations Nimalan & Ky! This will definitely be Ky’s unforgettable memory on her very first visit to Singapore! 

Planner: @glitteringcarousel 
Stylist: @8_dec 
Venue: @glampingcity 

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