Thursday, 17 September 2015


This is a question many couples have been asking. Why should I hire a wedding live band for my wedding? 

My answer is, "You Shouldn't, if you are not looking for a perfect wedding to remember!"

Music has always been a part of everyone's life.

Firstly, there truly is nothing like live music, you and your guests will experience the pleasure of the performances of vibrant human spirits in harmony right there and then. Your guests will be kept entertained through the night with music and interaction with the perfomers.The energy level of the room would then defintely be much higher. This in turn will make the event far more enjoyable.

The advantages of having a live band as opposed to just playing music from a CD is that live bands can be much more flexible in fulfilling song requests by your guests, be it reading messages or song dedications from the guests to the couple, thus making it a more interactive event.

Live band can accommodate special wedding themes that you have planned for, including dressing up to suit one! We have couples who have requested for a Shanghai Night  theme, where all the musicians are dressed in CheongSam and Shang Hai Tan hats for guys! Or even a Masquerade or The Great Gatsby.

Couples have the flexibility of planning a surprise for their partners. The most common one would be the groom surpising the bride by performing a song, a song of their own, accompanied by the band.


Isn't hiring a wedding live band expensive?

Some couples may find the rates of hiring a live band too overwhelming as it is almost equivalent to cost of 1-2 banquet table(s). However, different couples have different priorities. For example, a couple who takes priority in their gowns and suits,  will probably spend the same amount customizing just 1 gown. Those who care more about how their photos will turn out, could probably spend the same amount or more in engaging a well known photographer and spend even more later in printing the pictures out.

      It has been said that nothing hits the hearts and soul as deep as a single musical note or chord coming from or a voice or a few voices. A song to remember in time through the ages delivered live on your special day. It is almost priceless!

     However, a lot of people feel that a live band is a costly bit to shelve out for an event. To be honest,  it is justifiable firstly, considering the time these musicians have to spend for the event. Secondly, these talented performers have spent many years of hard work honing their skills and craft to be who they are today. 

     The more experienced musicians definitely have more credits and will usually charge a higher rate. Therefore, if you want quality music and a band who can handle any situations, go for the experienced pros! They might cost more but they are definitely worth every penny!
     Some couples are afraid that the live band will be "noisier" as compared to just playing background music from a CD. These are just some common worries. Live bands usually comes with rental of sound system and a dedicated sound man constantly monitoring the music level of the house. You can always just have the soundman tweak them down just a notch. Alternatively, the couple can always choose an acoustic band with customization of song list with more easy listening songs. Check out some of the acoustic 2-3pcs live band from GC Live Music

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  1. This is pretty useful information on why to hire a wedding live band. Last week, attended my best friend’s wedding at one of exemplary DC wedding venues. They hired a live band in wedding and it was a great fun.