Sunday, 20 September 2015


Wedding is about you and me.

Weddings should be about celebrating your love and doing things that you might never do, all in a day!

One of our couples Tai Ching & Qi Jun fulfilled their dreams of being a superstar on their big day. Their programme for their wedding dinner is packed with dance performances, Music Videos and Singing Performances. It was a night filled with entertainment, joy and laughter! A day that both of them as well as their guests will always remember.

It was months of preparations from taking vocal classes to perfect their songs, studio recording, MV filming and dance practices. But they did it!


If you are thinking about doing something meaningful together as a couple for your wedding, GC Live Music is offering SING-YOUR-WAY-HOME Progamme where you and your pertner can enroll in a vocal class to perfect a duet song and go into a professional recording studio to record both of your singing professionally. The final product can be used as you wish on your photo or video montage to be played during your wedding.

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